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SChMIC is …

A leading edge consultancy who, when engaged, will enable you to be better at what you do.

Yes, it is really that simple if you have the depth and breadth of experience SChMIC offers.

How does SChMIC achieve its successes?

Imagine building a better

And become more …


Understand the intricacies of your organisation in order to achieve internal performance metrics such as; growth, improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and most importantly, meeting stakeholder needs.


Your organisation becomes empowered by embracing SChMIC’s comprehensive technology solutions.


Join the global network and access technology behind thriving local and international organisations.

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How SChMIC Works



Members of the SChMIC team will analyse and assess your business, discuss your goals and aspirations, and liaise with identified internal and external stakeholders to ascertain current hardware and software performance and functionality.



SChMIC team members will undertake a performance gap analysis to determine those systems and processes required to meet future state functionality requirements and then tailor a technology-based system to meet your requirements.



SChMIC technicians will provide a robust reccomendation and implementation schedule to meet the desired hardware and software functionality endstate.

How We Do It

SChMIC undertakes robust analysis, implementation, and support processes as outlined in the SChMIC Balanced Scorecard, the aims of which are to:

  • Clarify and translate the organisation’s Vision and Strategy
  • Communicate and link strategic objectives and measures
  • Plan, set targets, and align strategic initiatives
  • Implement defined and documented solutions
  • Enhance strategic feedback and learning

The typical process results in SChMIC building and implementing solutions that bridge the gap between the current and future states.

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Success Stories

These are some of our success stories. In each case, we were able to apply the principles of the SChMIC Balanced Scorecard to meet and exceed expectations.


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Government and Industry Sectors That We Help …


SChMIC works with Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments to address operational issues such as policy development, procedural development, systems implementation, project management, and to cut ‘red tape’, all in order to achieve one key result: To effectively connect their vision, mission, and purpose to better serve their constituents.


Using a combination of kitchen/bar printers and handheld ordering tables speeds up service and rapidly increases staff productivity. Save your staff from having to waste time going back and forth to a fixed terminal, improve your operation by order taking at tableside and more accurately recording orders and seat numbers, and manage functions such as stock takes on the go.


Our system gives any retailer the ability to print high quality barcodes, store promotions, and shelf-edge labels easily. This ability to generate your own barcodes for your stock not only speeds up service time drastically, since staff spends less time searching for product details, but also ensures that your products are marked up in a professional manner with the price and SKU details clearly displayed for the customer.

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