SChMIC Partners

SChMIC partners with some of the world’s leading software developers and hardware manufacturers to offer the ideal solution for your specific requirements.  

Epos Now

Epos Now is a key partner that provides point of sale solutions for industries based on purchase transactions. The SChMIC team supports your decision making processes and offers the largest suite of flexible hardware and software solutions to meet your requirements and at a cost that suits your budget.


SChMIC is proudly partnered with the Microsoft Partner Network and offers a connection to people, resources, and offerings that will give you everything needed to build and deliver successful solutions for your stakeholders.


Discover the power of SAS to explore, analyse, and visualise data across many industry sectors such as banking, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, public sector, and retail.


Accept payments in-store or online with Tyro EFTPOS and Tyro eCommerce. Streamline your business banking with a fee-free Tyro business bank account that can be fully integrated with Xero.


Simplify the payment journey from the customer’s wallet to your own. Offer a range of payment methods such as direct debit, EFTPOS, BPay, and real time payments. Spend less time chasing late payments, and gain back precious time in your day.

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